Web Exclusive Podcast – WWF IYH: International Incident Review

Ryan & Drew are back with another web exclusive podcast, this time looking back at the July 21, 1996 International Incident PPV! We get another great Shawn Michaels performance, Undertaker & Mankind beating up each other en route to the inaugural BOILER ROOM BRAWL, SYCHO SID BEING INSANELY OVER AS A BABYFACE, Jerry Lawler makingContinue reading “Web Exclusive Podcast – WWF IYH: International Incident Review”

Web Exclusive – WWF In Your House #2: The Lumberjacks

Drew & Ryan are back with an online exclusive podcast reviewing the July 23, 1995 In Your House PPV event, The Lumberjacks! A lame main event, a great Shawn Michaels match, and assorted other goofiness. Also, I bonus review of the following night’s Monday Night RAW! ***Note: there were some technical issues that degraded theContinue reading “Web Exclusive – WWF In Your House #2: The Lumberjacks”

Web Exclusive Podcast: WWF Backlash 2001

Drew & Ryan return with another Web Exclusive retro review – this time looking back at the 2001 WWF Backlash! The first PPV post-WrestleMania X-Seven sees WWF Champion Steve Austin team with Intercontinental Champion Triple H to face the Tag Team Champions – The Brothers of Destruction. Shane McMahon jumps off things, Kurt Angle hasContinue reading “Web Exclusive Podcast: WWF Backlash 2001”

Web Exclusive Podcast: WWF In Your House: D-Generation-X

Ryan & Drew return with a review of the 1997 WWF PPV In Your House: D-Generation-X! We look back at the WWF in the direct aftermath of the Montreal Screwjob, the build of the Kane-Undertaker feud, the rise of The Rock & Steve Austin, and whole load of terribly booked matches and finishes. Check itContinue reading “Web Exclusive Podcast: WWF In Your House: D-Generation-X”

Web Exclusive Podcast: InVasion 2001

Drew & Ryan return for another Web Exclusive PPV retro review podcast – this time revisiting the summer of 2001 and the Invasion! The most financially successful non-big 4 PPV is highlighted by a Jeff Hardy/RVD hardcore match, the “Inaugural Brawl” between Team WWF & The Alliance, and a bunch of other wacky stuff. CheckContinue reading “Web Exclusive Podcast: InVasion 2001”

Web Exclusive: Unforgiven 1999

Drew & Ryan return for another retro PPV review – this time looking at the 1999 installment of Unforgiven! The show featured a six-pack challenge for the WWE title, British Bulldog in tights, WHERE IS THE UNDERTAKER??, awful finishes, post-match beatdowns, domestic violence (?!), Jerry “The Predator” Lawler, SCAB REFEREES, and more. Oh, and somethingContinue reading “Web Exclusive: Unforgiven 1999”

Web Exclusive Podcast: Survivor Series 1991 Review!

Drew & Ryan are back once again with yet another Web Exclusive podcast – this time cover the 1991 Survivor Series! The show was headlined by Hulk Hogan defending the WWF title against The Undertaker, and featured a handful of traditional tag team elimination bouts. Plus, a whole lotta TIT! Listen, and you’ll know whatContinue reading “Web Exclusive Podcast: Survivor Series 1991 Review!”