Web Exclusive Podcast – WWF IYH: International Incident Review

Ryan & Drew are back with another web exclusive podcast, this time looking back at the July 21, 1996 International Incident PPV! We get another great Shawn Michaels performance, Undertaker & Mankind beating up each other en route to the inaugural BOILER ROOM BRAWL, SYCHO SID BEING INSANELY OVER AS A BABYFACE, Jerry Lawler makingContinue reading “Web Exclusive Podcast – WWF IYH: International Incident Review”

Web Exclusive – WWF In Your House #2: The Lumberjacks

Drew & Ryan are back with an online exclusive podcast reviewing the July 23, 1995 In Your House PPV event, The Lumberjacks! A lame main event, a great Shawn Michaels match, and assorted other goofiness. Also, I bonus review of the following night’s Monday Night RAW! ***Note: there were some technical issues that degraded theContinue reading “Web Exclusive – WWF In Your House #2: The Lumberjacks”

Web Exclusive Podcast: WCW Spring Stampede 1997

Drew & Ryan are back with another retro PPV review! This time we travel back to April of 1997 to check out WCW’s Spring Stampede! The main event sees DDP face Randy Savage in a No DQ match, a SINGLES match for the TAG TEAM titles, Rey Misterio Jr. being great, and a WHOLE BUNCHContinue reading “Web Exclusive Podcast: WCW Spring Stampede 1997”

Web Exclusive Podcast: WWF Backlash 2001

Drew & Ryan return with another Web Exclusive retro review – this time looking back at the 2001 WWF Backlash! The first PPV post-WrestleMania X-Seven sees WWF Champion Steve Austin team with Intercontinental Champion Triple H to face the Tag Team Champions – The Brothers of Destruction. Shane McMahon jumps off things, Kurt Angle hasContinue reading “Web Exclusive Podcast: WWF Backlash 2001”

Web Exclusive Podcast: InVasion 2001

Drew & Ryan return for another Web Exclusive PPV retro review podcast – this time revisiting the summer of 2001 and the Invasion! The most financially successful non-big 4 PPV is highlighted by a Jeff Hardy/RVD hardcore match, the “Inaugural Brawl” between Team WWF & The Alliance, and a bunch of other wacky stuff. CheckContinue reading “Web Exclusive Podcast: InVasion 2001”

Web Exclusive: Unforgiven 1999

Drew & Ryan return for another retro PPV review – this time looking at the 1999 installment of Unforgiven! The show featured a six-pack challenge for the WWE title, British Bulldog in tights, WHERE IS THE UNDERTAKER??, awful finishes, post-match beatdowns, domestic violence (?!), Jerry “The Predator” Lawler, SCAB REFEREES, and more. Oh, and somethingContinue reading “Web Exclusive: Unforgiven 1999”

Web Exclusive Podcast: Armageddon 2002

Ryan & Drew return for another retro PPV review – this time looking back at Armageddon 2002! Shawn Michaels & Triple H face off for the World title in a 2/3 falls match, Kurt Angle challenges Big Show for the WWE title, Chris Benoit battles Eddie Guerrero, we almost see a lesbian porno, and muchContinue reading “Web Exclusive Podcast: Armageddon 2002”