Against The Mat – July 28th, 2021

Back for another week of prognosticating and reviewing this past week’s news and notes from the worlds of Pro-Wrestling. We have our first of the 2nd round matchups for our Best of Feuds tournament in the 2nd hour and some extra notes. Download/Stream the latest episode and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook andContinue reading “Against The Mat – July 28th, 2021”

Against The Mat – June 30th, 2021

We start this week with a ton of news from the various worlds of MMA and pro-wrestling, along with some COVID details. In the 2nd hour, we concentrated on the first match up for our “Best Feuds” tourney between HBK v Jericho and Flair v Sting. Download the latest episode and don’t forget to followContinue reading “Against The Mat – June 30th, 2021”