Against The Mat – Web Exclusive – June 17th, 2015

*Note* As with all of our Web Exclusives, strong language is used. As Big Dave once said, “Deal With It!” As the on-air show was full of interviews and topics, we compiled our usual segments into a quick Web Exclusive Against The Mat Extra for you all out there. Download/Stream the latest episode or SubscribeContinue reading “Against The Mat – Web Exclusive – June 17th, 2015”

Against The Mat – ECW One Night Stand Review [Uncensored]

*Note* Language used in this recording may not be suitable for children and the easily offended. This month’s PPV Review fell on ECW One Night Stand, aired on June 12, 2005. Drew and Ryan go through the card and gives a run down of the action and their impressions of the event. Download or StreamContinue reading “Against The Mat – ECW One Night Stand Review [Uncensored]”

Against The Mat – February 4th, 2015 (Web Exclusive)

Drew and Fred are back on another Web Exclusive show as they were pre-empted by the UNB Varsity Reds hockey game being aired live. It is a shortened show but a good one where they cover some of Monday Night Raw, the “Roman Reigns Saga”, the new home for TNA shows for their Canadian fan-base,Continue reading “Against The Mat – February 4th, 2015 (Web Exclusive)”

Against The Mat – January 28th, 2015 (Web Exclusive)

We are back with a Web Exclusive episode of Against The Mat. We cover the Royal Rumble results, the winner of our Prediction game, some other WWE news; as well as introduce a new project we will be holding during the Road to Wrestlemania. Be forewarned,┬áthis episode may contain some strong language that could offendContinue reading “Against The Mat – January 28th, 2015 (Web Exclusive)”

ATM Daily Podcast – January 9th, 2014

Drew breaks down the latest on the WWE Network, Batista’s contract, the unfortunate passing of Mae Young, Anderson Silva and more! Trying out a new idea for a daily podcast, what do you think? Send us an email at or tweet us @AgainstTheMat or comment on our Facebook page at Spread the wordContinue reading “ATM Daily Podcast – January 9th, 2014”