Web Exclusive Podcast: WWF Fully Loaded 2000 Review

Drew & Ryan return with a Web Exclusive to look back at the July 23, 2000 WWF Fully Loaded! The show featured two GREAT main events, one infuriating match, and 5 decent to good bouts. And then we chat about more current affairs such as Summerslam, THE THUNDERDOME, AEW selling tickets, and more!

Web Exclusive Podcast: PoliTalks – June 7, 2020

Drew & Ryan return with another special “PoliTalks” episode to discuss the latest in current political events, with a major focus on the global protests relating to the Black Lives Matter movement. Plus a look at the 2020 election and how everything going on right now could play into the campaign. #BlackLivesMatter PS – WhileContinue reading “Web Exclusive Podcast: PoliTalks – June 7, 2020”

Web Exclusive Podcast: Survivor Series 1991 Review!

Drew & Ryan are back once again with yet another Web Exclusive podcast – this time cover the 1991 Survivor Series! The show was headlined by Hulk Hogan defending the WWF title against The Undertaker, and featured a handful of traditional tag team elimination bouts. Plus, a whole lotta TIT! Listen, and you’ll know whatContinue reading “Web Exclusive Podcast: Survivor Series 1991 Review!”