Exclusive News Regarding WWE Creative

By Drew McConnell

As of December 2015, WWE has had a “Managing Lead Writer” (actual job title) by the name of Tom Casiello. Casiello comes from the soap opera world where he won an Emmy Award for outstanding writing for the show “Young and the Restless” in 2011, and 2 more Emmys while writing for “As the World Turns” in 2001 & 2002. He also has a writer’s guild award for “outstanding achievement in daytime episodic writing” in 2010. And between 2006 & 2008 he was “Associate Head Writer” for Days of Our Lives.

He actually first started with WWE as a writer in April 2011. He eventually worked his way into being the lead writer for the NXT: Redemption show between September 2011 until May 2012. In October of 2012 he was given the job as lead writer for Main Event, a position he would hold until September 2014, when he would leave the company to be a freelance writer.

He would work casually with WWE during that time, often going to tapings when needed, on a freelance basis. He returned to the company full time in December with the new “managing lead writer” position. His duties include overseeing the writing teams for Raw & Smackdown, as well as some WWE Network shows, WWE Publications, and also works on long term stories throughout the year. Insert your own joke there. He also oversees the scripts for all weekly TV shows.

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