Update on Anderson Silva – Possible SuperFight?


By Drew McConnell


According to Jorge Guimares, Anderson Silva’s manager, the former Middleweight Champion and pound-4-pound best fighter in the world does indeed plan on coming back to fight in the octagon – and he may have his sights set on another former Champ who is sitting on the outside right now. Guimares and another of Silva’s reps, Ed Soares have thrown around the idea of setting up a superfight with former Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre. The feeling is that Silva most likely won’t be ready to go until 2015 and it’s hard to say when/if GSP wants to come back. St. Pierre would likely receive an immediate title shot against whomever the Champion will be upon his return, if he wants one. This is all speculation at this point, but given the fact that UFC has so few money match-ups that are guaranteed to draw big, you have to believe that Dana White would be frothing at the mouth to put this fight together. Time will tell.  

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